Fast food carton packages

Variety of carton boxes for the fast food industry.

Cake Boxes
Take Away Boxes
Boxes for Catering
Pizza Boxes
Boxes for Menus

Supermarket Boxes

Standard models of boxes mostly used in the supermarkets.

Drinks, cans, yoghurt
Sweets, candies.
Hexagonal Boxes
Other boxes

Transport Packages

Corrugated boxes and packages suitable for sale and transport.

Corrugated Boxes
Corrugated Trays
Corrugated Crates

Non-Standard Packages

Unique boxes and packages from carton and corrugated board..

Boxes with Effective Shape
Non-Standard Packs
Boxes with straight shape
Folders and Office


Many different templates types of corrugated and cardboard stands and posters.


How to Order a custom sample.

1. Choose a model from our catalogue
2. Fill the contact form with all the details
3. Send us e-mail with your logo and additional print files.
4. Receive e-mail with preprint of the sample.
5. Receive the sample showing you the final box/product.
6. Confirm the sample to start the production process.


What are our advantages and what we offer more ?
- user friendly website
- 3d visualisation of the final product
- custom size and print sample
- fast production
- low price
- good conditions

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